nurture your sacred practice
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Nurturing Your
Sacred Practice

"To reach for the Divine is to reach the Divine."

Our sacred practices are the repeated activities that we undertake to support our relationship with the Divine. Sacred practices vary from person to person. Some folks walk in the woods, some care for the sick, some write poetry, some say traditional prayers, and others meditate, or dance. No matter how you connect with the Divine, the offerings of Soulfelt Devotions are designed to cultivate and deepen your practice.

It is my hope– and prayer– that the items and inspirations that you find here will help you on your journey and encourage your sacred practice. To paraphrase Fr. Mark Thibodeaux, author of Armchair Mystic, "to reach for the Divine is to reach the Divine."

May your sacred practice be blessed, and may these soulfelt offerings bring grace and peace to your life.


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